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Tallahassee Family Photography

Part of what is so great about working with younger kiddos is that they love exploring. It’s less about the posed photos for me, though we are always sure to capture those, and more about following them around and seeing what they see. I must have had 50 photo sessions at Maclay Gardens, but it’s always fun to watch them discovering it for themselves. It’s such a beautiful location for family photography sessions! This beautiful family made it even more special!

Tallahassee Family PhotographyTallahassee Family PhotographyTallahassee Family PhotographyTallahassee Family Photography

Tallahassee Family Photography

I’m so lucky to get to work with many of the same families year after year. The W family is one of those families that I get to see at least twice a year and it’s so nice getting to see them grow. For their springtime session, we headed to Goodwood Gardens here in Tallahassee right when things were started to get green again for the spring. Here’s their sneak peek!

Tallahassee Family Photography Tallahassee Family Photography Tallahassee Family Photography

Tallahassee Family Photography

These kiddos are only home when school is on break, so when we missed our opportunity over the winter holidays last year, I was bummed. When they came back for spring break, we were determined to get the whole family photographed before they left! Their mom told me that they hadn’t been photographed as a family since the kids were tiny. I’m so glad they decided to spend an afternoon with me while everyone was together to have their pictures taken! It just goes to show it’s never too late for family photos! Here’s their sneak peek.

Tallahassee Family PhotographyTallahassee Family Photography Tallahassee Family Photography

Tallahassee Family Photographer

It’s always fun working with the beautiful Mary Holley, but this is the first time I got to photograph the whole fam! These cuties are featured on the blog sneak peek today and I can’t stop smiling when I look over the images. Enjoy!

Tallahassee Children's Portraits Tallahassee Family Portraits Tallahassee Family Photographer Tallahassee Family Photographer


I’ve been photographing Cynthia for a little while for various work related endeavors, but this is the first year we were able to coordinate our schedules and I was able to photograph the whole family. The men in her life are handsome dudes for sure. Though maybe having their picture taken is not their favorite event, they certainly photograph well! Here’s a little sneak peek for their family below.

kiraderryberryphotography_familyphotography06 kiraderryberryphotography_familyphotography07 kiraderryberryphotography_familyphotography08 kiraderryberryphotography_familyphotography09


I had the pleasure to spend a morning with two very special girls and their sweet baby brother recently! M and J showed me all around their home while we snapped photos along the way. These three are just so beautiful it was hard to pick just a handful to show off in the sneak peek!



It was an honor to photograph this awesome extended family who came to see me from out of town. They all found themselves in the same city at the same time for the spring holidays and took advantage of the opportunity to have everyone present for photos! We had initially planned on meeting at a different location for our session, but when that was suddenly unavailable, we switched our plans quickly over to Goodwood Plantation where the azaleas were in full bloom! I think we couldn’t have been luckier to have had such a beautiful day at our surprise location. There are so many pictures from this session that I absolutely love, it was really hard to pick just a handful to show on the blog!

Thank you so much, K Family! I couldn’t have asked for a happier, more fun loving, or more photogenic family if I tried! Can’t wait to show you the rest!

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What to Wear-spring inspired-no-logo


Because it’s long overdue, here are some ideas for spring family sessions. Also, be sure to follow my What to Wear board featuring some of my favorite photographers on Pinterest! Spring sessions on weekends are quickly booking up with just a few more spots available in April and May. Get inspired, go shopping for some new duds, and let’s plan your session!


FOREVER ago we visited our dear friends Steve and Tracy K at their home in Mississippi. About 5 minutes before we left for home, I pulled everyone outside for a quick photo session. C did not want to get out of her pajamas, and really, who could blame her? Those are some sweet pajamas! I’d like to say that I was saving their pictures for Steve’s birthday, which is today, but sadly it just turns out my closest friends have to wait the longest to get pictures back from me! You can basically judge how close we are by how many months it takes me to send you your pictures. In this case, it was October. It must be love!

Happy birthday Steve, and happy soon to be birthday, Tracy! We miss you guys SO much and wish you would just move home and make us dinner every night.



This is a beginner’s photography course focusing on getting you comfortable with using your own camera to capture those moments in between your professional family photo sessions. We’ll cover concepts from finding the best natural lighting in typical situations, choosing the right lenses for the intended result, camera modes, and so much more! No previous photography knowledge required!

What we won’t be chatting about: Photoshop and post production. That’s a whole other workshop (or 4)!

What you’ll receive:

  • 2 Hour Crash Course Photography Free For All!
  • PDF Workbook of all topics covered so that you can refer back to what you’ve learned
  • An invitation to our closed Facebook Group so we can continue to watch each other learn and grow!
  • Coffee, water, soda and snacks. Mmm coffee…


What to bring:

  • Your DSLR Camera and manual if available
  • Any lenses that you have
  • Notebook/iPad in case you need to jot down any notes
  • Questions! Don’t be afraid to ask! This is a beginner’s course after all!


To register for this course visit the Paypal Buy Now button for the appropriate class date above. Having a Paypal account is not required. If you need to pay via check or cash, please email me at info@kiraphoto.com. Spots are available on first come, first serve basis and the course fee must be paid to confirm your spot.


Is this course for me?

Do you own your very own DSLR camera but are slightly intimidated by all the bells and whistles? Perhaps you are a Mamarazzi at heart but are unsatisfied with the results you are getting while chasing your kids around the back yard? Or maybe you got a new camera for Christmas and are afraid to even take it out of the box?! If you answered yes to any of that, then YES, this course is for you!

Do I need any prior knowledge of photography?


I know enough to be dangerous, but still need help figuring out how to use my camera to the best of its abilities. Is this still for me?

Yes! I welcome you to bring your questions and share anything you’ve been struggling with. I’m here to help!

What if I still have questions after the 2 hour course? Will you be available to answer my camera questions any time?

We are starting a Facebook Group just for this purpose. I will be a member as well as other students from the course. Feel free to post your questions to this closed group and share your images for feedback from myself and the group! My goal is to create a local community for support and advice as well as just a place to show off your progress!

I’m not a mom, can I still come?

Yes! Any hobbyist interested in learning how to work their camera is welcome :)

I’m a professional photographer or I plan on being one in the next year. Can I participate?

Sorry! This is a closed course for hobbyists and enthusiasts only!

Still have questions? No problem! Contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss!

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