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Momtography 101

Saturday, Feb 3, 2018 9-12pm

This is a beginner’s photography course focusing on getting you comfortable with using your own camera to capture those moments in between your professional family photo sessions. We’ll cover concepts from finding the best natural lighting in typical situations, choosing the right lenses for the intended result, camera modes, and so much more! No previous photography knowledge required!

What we won’t be chatting about: Photoshop and post production. That’s a whole other workshop (or 4)!

What you’ll receive:

  • 3 Hour Crash Course Photography Free For All!
  • PDF Workbook of all topics covered so that you can refer back to what you’ve learned
  • An invitation to our closed Facebook Group so we can continue to watch each other learn and grow!
  • Coffee, water, soda and snacks. Mmm coffee…
*Please indicate if you need a gift certificate for this purchase in the special instructions at check out.

What to bring:

  • Your DSLR Camera and manual if available
  • Any lenses that you have
  • Notebook/iPad in case you need to jot down any notes
  • Questions! Don’t be afraid to ask! This is a beginner’s course after all!


Is this course for me?

Do you own your very own DSLR camera but are slightly intimidated by all the bells and whistles? Perhaps you are a Mamarazzi at heart but are unsatisfied with the results you are getting while chasing your kids around the back yard? Or maybe you got a new camera for Christmas and are afraid to even take it out of the box?! If you answered yes to any of that, then YES, this course is for you!

Do I need any prior knowledge of photography?


I know enough to be dangerous, but still need help figuring out how to use my camera to the best of its abilities. Is this still for me?

Yes! I welcome you to bring your questions and share anything you’ve been struggling with. I’m here to help!

What if I still have questions after the 2 hour course? Will you be available to answer my camera questions any time?

We are starting a Facebook Group just for this purpose. I will be a member as well as other students from this and previous courses. Feel free to post your questions to this closed group and share your images for feedback from myself and the group! My goal is to create a local community for support and advice as well as just a place to show off your progress!

I’m not a mom, can I still come?

Yes! Any hobbyist interested in learning how to work their camera is welcome 🙂

I’m a professional photographer or I plan on being one in the next year. Can I participate?

Sorry! This is a closed course for hobbyists and enthusiasts only!

Still have questions? No problem! Contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss!


“This workshop was such a fun and informative afternoon.  The information had been so daunting to me before but your delivery and explanations simplified it and made it much easier to understand and apply.  My images of my kids and family are much improved since attending —  Thank you!” – Morgan Lewis

“The Momtography class taught me a lot about a camera that sat in our closet gathering dust. I feel like I’m capturing photos of my family that are genuine and more interesting to view.” – Lisa Umana


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