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In this tutorial, I show you how to use texture overlays over an image to achieve more depth and warmth in the final look. I highly recommend checking out Jessica Drossin’s Textures for the one used in the tutorial (Golden Child from Texture Pack 3) and many many more!

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In this tutorial, I show you a quick way to swap a face in two similar photos using layer masks in Photoshop.

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Tallahassee Senior Portraits

Kendall has just a few more months before high school is all over and she’s off to college. She found the absolute perfect spot in Tallahassee for her shoot and we took full advantage. We even filmed a little! I’m very excited to share with you her sneak peek. Check out her video too!
Tallahassee Senior Photos
Tallahassee Senior Photos


Learn how to take your images to the next level with simple modifications using Adobe’s award winning photo editing software, Lightroom. This class will take place at Kira Derryberry Photography Saturday, March 28th from 8am-noon, $129. The perfect follow up class to those who have taken my 101 course or those who have always wanted to know how to enhance their pictures.

Course Details:

This course is designed for the hobbyist photographer who is ready for an introduction to photo editing. The course will focus on using Adobe Lightroom to import, cull, resize, crop, adjust color, contrast, convert to black and white, and much, much more. It is recommended that students of this course bring a laptop loaded with Adobe Lightroom to follow along in class, but this is not required. Students may download a free trial of Adobe Lightroom if they do not already own the software. Space is limited!

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Tallahassee Newborn Photography

Baby Hunter made a decision this day. His decision was that he was going to eat and eat and eat and eat and eat through his entire photo session and be wide awake! No problem! We can work with that! Plus, this meant I got to catch all his cool expressions that he could only make with his eyes open. Very excited to show the final gallery to his mom and dad!

Tallahassee Newborn PhotographyTallahassee Newborn PhotographyTallahassee Newborn Photography Tallahassee Newborn Photography

Tallahassee Baby Photography

I’ve been on the road off and on for a couple of weeks so the blog has gone neglected. I’ll say it was worth the wait because I can’t get over how cute this little gal’s images are. She has the most expressive eyes. Trust me, I’ve spent a long time looking at them as I’ve culled through the images and they seem to stare right into me! I really enjoyed getting to photograph her and her proud mom and dad in the Midtown studio. Looking forward to showing them the rest from this session!

Tallahassee Baby PhotographyTallahassee Baby PhotographyTallahassee Baby Photography


I’m finally back from a much needed 3 week break and getting around to summing up 2014 for Kira Derryberry Photography. It’s been a great year for KDP! This is the first time I’ve sat down and really added up all the amazing events of the year and frankly, it deserves a list. So here’s a rundown and a bunch of blurry Instagram photos because I’m a professional!

1. New, New Studio!

Four years ago, I was meeting with clients at Panera Bread. Three years ago, I was borrowing about 200 sq ft of office space at my friend Emily’s house. Two years ago, I moved into a 550 sq ft space in Midtown. In 2014 I moved into 1600 sq feet of legit studio and meeting space! Committing to this big of an upgrade was scary, but in the end, totally worth it. I’m loving getting to work with clients in both natural and studio light and having the space to move around and do it! I’ve also had the room to house some of the classes I’ve wanted to begin teaching. I’m looking forward to another year of creative projects in my favorite shooting spot.

Collage 1

2. Print Competition FTW!

While I had tried my hand at competing locally for a few years, 2014 marked a BIG year for me going all in and trying at state, regional, and national levels. To start, I came in 2nd and 3rd place over all at the Tallahassee Professional Photographers Guild’s (TPPG) annual salon. My competing in print competition locally also earned me Tallahassee Photographer of the year with the TPPG, an honor I also share with my friend Linda Long who tied with me for the title. Next came 4 merits including 1 First Place (Pet Category) at the Florida Professional Photographers (FPP) annual competition, 2 merits in Southeastern Professional Photographers Association annual competition (SEPPA), and finally 4 meriting images including 1 Loan Collection image in Professional Photographers of America (PPA) International Print Competition. If you are a photographer, then you know this is kind of a big deal! Competing is something I’ve figured out that I really enjoy and have made a part of my learning process.

Collage 1

Getting involved with my guild locally and then at state and national levels has introduced me to all kinds of photographers who I not only respect and admire, but who have educated me and critiqued my work for me to get it to the level it’s gotten to. (I’m talking to you Linda Long and Kevin Newsome, thank you so much!!!) I hope to continue competing this year and in years to come.

Collage 2

3. I’m Certifiable

Certified Professional PhotographerI’ve been a proud member of the PPA since 2011, but this year I really started taking advantage of my membership with them. I decided I wanted to become a Certified Professional Photographer to up the quality of my own work as well as assure my clients that they are getting professional quality goods and services when they hire me. I studied up, took my exam in Atlanta as well as submitted my portfolio and passed in October! If you are interested in learning more certified professional photographers, check out PPA’s site and see the difference a professional photographer can make.

4. CoCA Wins

photo(3)2014 was also a great year for me locally! I participated in and received Honoroble Mention in the Creative Tallahassee Show in April hosted by CoCA and then went on to receive Best in Show at the 2014 PhotoFest held at the Tallahassee ArtPort Gallery! The nice folks over at CoCA honored me once more with a lovely article about my fine art photography that I’ve been getting into lately. If you missed it in the Tallahassee Democrat you can still check it out here. This was really such an unexpected honor and I’m so excited to have become a member of CoCA in 2014 and to continue to participate in their shows!

5. Best of Tallahassee

Kira Derryberry, Best of Tallahassee 2014Rounding off this list, I took home the Best of Tallahassee award for the second year running! I really can’t describe how cool it is to be voted on by Tallahassee Magazine readers as the best photographer in the city. I can’t say that I totally agree because I KNOW so many of the amazingly talented photographers in our big little town are always giving me a run for my money, but I am honored to hang onto this award for at least one more year! Thank you again, Tally!

And that’s it. I don’t know how I’m going to top such an epic year for the business and for me as an artist. 2015 has a lot to live up to, that’s for sure. Thank you so much to my family, my clients, my friends, and my growing list of supportive and talented photographer buddies. Can’t wait to see what’s in store next!


It was incredibly hard choosing a favorite from this session! An and Harlen are so freaking photogenic, they made my job easy! Here are a few I narrowed down from their session for a sneak peek…

Tallahassee Family PhotographyTallahassee Family Photography Tallahassee Family Photography Tallahassee Family Photography Tallahassee Family Photography

Maternity Portraits Tallahassee

Jennie and family joined me for a sunset maternity photo session last week and I couldn’t be more in love with these images! I’m so excited to show these off and to meet Baby Addison in January!

Maternity Session Kira Derryberry PhotographyTallahassee Maternity Photos Kira Derryberry Maternity Portraits Kira Derryberry Maternity Portraits

Tallahassee Family Photography

Loved getting to work with the wonderful Holley Family recently in downtown Tallahassee! I pulled together a few of my favorites from their session. Check it out!

Tallahassee Family Photos Tallahassee Family Portraits Tallahassee Family Portraits Tallahassee Family Photos

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