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Huge news everyone! My PPA Loan Collection image “The Skeptic” appears as the cover of Professional Photographer Magazine‘s March 2016 Issue along side a featured article on my glamour and headshot photography! I am seriously on top of the world. If you had told me 5 years ago that I would one day have a cover image and featured story in one of the most respected national photography publications out there, I wouldn’t have believed you. To say this is surreal doesn’t begin to describe it. I can’t say enough what an honor this is and how thankful I am for Professional Photographers of America, who, alongside my local (TPPG) and state (FPP) organizations, have pushed me to grow as a photographer and to always be more.

If you are a PPA member you should expect to see this in your mailbox this week!

Read the full article here [PDF]

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Senior Portraits 1

Ashley is just days away from graduation and we got her senior portraits done just in time! I’ve been photographing her for a few years on the Leon High School Volleyball team and I was thrilled when she came to me for her final portrait session before she’s off to college. Here’s her sneak peek. Best of luck to Ashley next year at Birmingham Southern!

Senior Portraits 5Senior Portraits 3Senior Portraits 4Senior Portraits 2

Family Newborn Session 3

It’s baby number two for the Parker-Flynns and it’s a boy! The family didn’t have a chance when big sister was born to have family photos done, so now that little brother is here it was definitely time to do a family newborn session. Big sister was very sweet and very much wanted to help. She was maybe less excited to have her picture taken, but we worked together and got several super sweet group shots of everyone together. Looking forward to showing the rest of these to the family soon!

Family Newborn Session 5 Family Newborn Session 4 Family Newborn Session 2 Family Newborn Session 1

Tallahassee Senior Portraits

It was a stormy day the day we set out to do Dorothy’s Tallahassee senior portraits, but we didn’t let that stop us! Our plan was to shoot a little at Leon High School and then to move downtown to take some portraits inside her church and then downtown. We timed everything just about perfectly, right down to waiting for the lights to come on in the trees at the Chain of Parks. Dorothy is active in the band and her church’s choir so it was important that we try an incorporate that into her photo session. Honestly, I don’t know how kids these days find the time to sleep with their busy schedules, but they seem to make it work! Here’s a few from her session…

Tallahassee Senior Portraits Tallahassee Senior Portraits Tallahassee Senior Portraits

Blue Wall 1

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be Mark Seliger. The first photography coffee table book I ever bought was his book, “Physiognomy.” I actually had to save up to buy it. Before I owned it, I would just hang out in Books-a-Million and look at it. I had no idea where to begin even making images like that, but I knew I wanted to try. I just needed to practice and eventually I could get to a point where I could do that too. 20 years later, here I am, a professional photographer. I shoot all kinds of portraits, from babies, to headshots, to commercial work, I’m doing just about everything nowadays except weddings and events. It’s more work than I ever imagined it could be, but it’s awesome. And now, I’m finally rounding a corner and diving into what I always wanted to do, editorial portraiture. I look back in that book often, but with a new understanding of it to go with my appreciation. I use it and so many other works as inspiration to find my own voice. So here’s a little of me finding that voice. I’ve started a series in the studio, so far just called “The Blue Wall.” I’m hoping to shoot as many people as I can over the next few months on it and just see where it goes. Being a full time photographer is work. I feel strongly that personal projects without the agenda of work behind them help you grow as an artist. Here’s to growing something.

Blue Wall 2Blue Wall 3 Blue Wall 4



Editorial Portraits Tallahassee

My brother Eian just visited me! Apparently we can’t get through a visit anymore without doing a photoshoot. He’s just so dang photogenic!


Natalie 2

Recently I did a self assignment with my past senior client, Natalie. We did her senior session last year and when I thought of these images, she was the first person I thought of to call. I’m hoping to turn around a few more, but for now, here’s a couple from our shoot in the studio. For you photographers out there reading this, I shot this using just one light and a Paul C Buff 86″ PLM umbrella. If you want to see how I did it, you can check out my Facebook Live video on my page!Natalie 3


Family Photos

It’s been a few years, but I got to work with these awesome guys again for family photos! I don’t think a family can get more photogenic. The cuteness factor is off the charts! Looking forward to sitting down at the studio with the Umanas to view the whole gallery. There were seriously to many to choose from. Enjoy the sneak peek!

Family PhotosFamily Photos Family Photos Family Photos

headshots and branding portraits 1

My friends Bethany and Reta are launching a new website soon for Belles Femmes, an on location hair and make up team, and were in need of headshots and branding portraits to post of themselves with the launch! We put together two looks for them, a modern set of portraits in the natural light studio and then something more on the commercial side and in black and white. Now they’ll have lots of options when it comes time to post info about the launch of their new business!

I love working with these gals and if you are interested in booking them for your next fancy event or photo shoot, contact them at their Facebook Page.

headshots and branding portraits 2

Need Headshots and Branding Portraits for Your Business?

Our full service headshot studio in Tallahassee, FL is fully equipped to meet all of your commercial portrait needs. Contact us today to reserve your session.


Actor Headshots

Margaret is a graduate student in the opera program at Florida State University and is finishing up this month. She’s heading to NYC and needed some actor headshots for auditions when she arrives. At the studio we are able to do all kinds of headshots for actors. From the more cinematic headshot, to something more natural, we love being able to meet the needs for all of our clients desiring headshot style portraits.

Time to update your actor headshots?

If you are interested in having your actor headshot or professional headshot taken here in Tallahassee, contact us for more information.


Tallahassee Musician Portraits

Kyungju, or KJ as she also goes by, is a professional pianist based in Tallahassee, FL. A few days ago she found out about a big opportunity for her to play in Korea. Part of this required that she send over her promotional portraits immediately, except she didn’t have any! She emailed me a few nights ago, told me her situation and I got her into the studio right away for a mini session. She showed me some examples and the feel needed to be classic and elegant. These are the portraits I was able to produce for her. I’m so happy to have met KJ and after hanging out with her that morning, I can’t help but want to see her more. Maybe it’s time for me go back to piano lessons. It’s never too late to start again, right?

Promotional Portraits

Hair/MUA: Laura J Artistry

If you are in need of a branding portrait, promotional portrait, or professional business headshot, please be sure to contact me for more information!

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