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Headshots and Portraits

I was recently asked to photograph my friend and fellow photographer, Cindy Strickland, owner of A Moment Captured and current President of the Florida Professional Photographers (FPP). It’s always such an honor when another photographer asks me to take their portrait, but this was especially fun and special for me. Around four years ago, Cindy reached out to me and invited me to join our local photographers guild, Tallahassee Professional Photographers. I really didn’t want to go. See my story on that here. But after she insisted and I went to a meeting, I was totally in. Since then, I’ve become more involved in TPPG and been President for two years running, joined the FPP, and achieved my Certified Professional Photographer status and Photographic Craftsman through the Professional Photographers of America. I can honestly say that before Cindy pulled me into this crazy life, I had no idea any of this was out there. I’m so appreciative to her for giving me that push I needed to put myself out there. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Headshots and Portraits Headshots and Portraits

Tallahassee Family Photos

Happy New Year, everyone! The first post of the year starts strong with new family photos of these beautiful kiddos. I have said it before, I am a sucker for the serious looks some of these kids give me. They look so much older and like they know something that we don’t know yet. We couldn’t have had a more perfect day at Maclay Gardens for this shoot. Here’s a few to see from it…

Tallahassee Family Photos Tallahassee Family Photos Tallahassee Family PhotosTallahassee Family Photos

Newborn Photography 1

Welcome, Baby Emory! My friends Kevin and Blair welcomed their second son, Emory Michael Gregg, on December 1st! We had a cozy little session at their home. Donovan is already such a great big brother! It was so sweet getting to see him interact and adjust to this new little guy in their lives. He’s still the star of this show!

Newborn Photography 2 Newborn Photography 3 Newborn Photography 4 Newborn Photography 5 Newborn Photography 6

Tallahassee Senior Photos

Katie’s senior photo session was a gorgeous success! Everything she brought to wear was just so pretty, we had to fit them all in. So it was a race against the sunset! That time of day is just so perfect for senior sessions. Here’s some of my favorites from her session. If you are in the class of 2016 and haven’t had your Senior Photos taken yet, there’s still time! Contact us!

Tallahassee Senior Photos Tallahassee Senior PhotosTallahassee Senior Photos Tallahassee Senior Photos

Tallahassee Family Portraits 1

I’ve been working with this beautiful family since their oldest was 1 and continue to enjoy watching them grow every year! These guys come back to me every year for family portraits and every time we try something new. This time we brought a few props including their sweet pup! Here’s a sneak peek of their session…

Tallahassee Family Portraits 3Tallahassee Family Portraits 2Tallahassee Family Portraits 4 Tallahassee Family Portraits 5

Tallahassee Family Photographer

I just wanted to take a quick minute to acknowledge some super special people to me and my business, Mike and Emily Steiner. These guys were some of my first clients when I opened my business and quickly became dear friends. We had only one photo session at their home to photograph their first son, Milo. Before I knew it, they offered me a space at their house for my first office/studio. This moved me out of working from home and gave me a place I could meet with my clients and do a little shooting. There are so many photographers out there, struggling, looking to break into this business among a sea of others trying to do the same. Back when I was one of those people, these guys opened their doors, gave my business a leg up, and for nearly a YEAR let me come to their home every single day and work to get my business off the ground towards the success that it has become. Later, when I began outgrowing that space, Mike gave me a great opportunity to rent from him at one of his commercial properties and I’ve been off and running ever since. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have had that kind of help and opportunity when starting a small business. Getting any kind of business off the ground is incredibly hard. I am so lucky to have met folks like the Steiners who saw so much potential in me and my work and helped me out in such a big way. Thanks Mike and Emily!!!

Now, 5 years later I finally got to photograph the whole family! They’ve expanded their brood since we first met and now Emily has a full pack of beautiful boys following her around everywhere! Here’s a few from a recent session at the studio with everybody. Enjoy!

Tallahassee Family Photographer Tallahassee Family Photographer Tallahassee Family Photographer Tallahassee Family Photographer

Tallahassee Children's Photography

It’s not even December yet and I’m wrapping up holiday shooting, if you can believe it. I’m eyes deep in editing, but I’m too into one my recent sessions not to post a few. Here’s a quick peek for the O Family of their sweet girl.

Tallahassee Children's Photography Tallahassee Children's Photography Tallahassee Children's Photography

Senior Portraits Tallahassee

Like many seniors, Elyse has a packed schedule for her last year in high school. Regular classes, varsity Volleyball, dances, and clubs keep this girl super busy. So when we had to reschedule her senior portraits due to weather, it was incredibly hard for us to get another day in where we both weren’t swamped. We finally got it though and Elyse introduced me to what might be a contender for a favorite shooting location, Miller’s Landing in Tallahassee. Shooting at new spots are always a fun challenge for me because I get to think on my toes and discover scenes all over again. And the weather was gorgeous so it was worth the wait! Here’s a quick sneak peek for Elyse, with more to come when I see her next week!

Senior Portraits Tallahassee Senior Portraits Tallahassee Senior Portraits Tallahassee Senior Portraits Tallahassee


Tallahassee Family Photography

Part of what is so great about working with younger kiddos is that they love exploring. It’s less about the posed photos for me, though we are always sure to capture those, and more about following them around and seeing what they see. I must have had 50 photo sessions at Maclay Gardens, but it’s always fun to watch them discovering it for themselves. It’s such a beautiful location for family photography sessions! This beautiful family made it even more special!

Tallahassee Family PhotographyTallahassee Family PhotographyTallahassee Family PhotographyTallahassee Family Photography

Tallahassee Family Photos

It’s always fun when a client comes in with a vision, and that’s definitely what Amanda did. She and her little girl came in dressed in black and white with little accessories and pops of color that really made their family photo session. I guess you could say that I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to family photos, so this really sings to me. It’s always that one little extra thing that makes it special.

Tallahassee Family PhotosTallahassee Family Photos Tallahassee Family Photos

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