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Tallahassee Head Shots

Head Shots are for Everybody!

For business, social media, acting, modeling, or just personal portraits, the need for an updated portrait is growing! Here are some tips to consider before coming in to see us at the studio for your new head shot.

1) Image is Everything

Gwynn03It’s so important to discuss where and how you want to use your new portrait. What’s the intention? Are you a realtor who needs something warm and friendly? Are you a lawyer who needs something confident and professional? An author with a flair for the quirky who’s photo needs to translate that? Or how about an actor looking to book more gigs? Have a phone call or in person consultation with your photographer. Tell them about who you are, what you do, and the image you want to convey. This will help the photographer make suggestions on how you should be photographed to get that message across.

2) Color Harmony

When choosing something to wear, pick out colors that compliment your hair and skin tone and make your eyes pop! If you’ve got blue eyes, go for cooler shades like blues or grays. Depending on your skin tone you might try pale neutrals or even a pop of pink to really set off your eyes. Brown eyes look great with jewel tones like deep greens and purples and earth tones like rich browns and reds. Bring a couple of options with you and discuss your hair and eye color beforehand so your photographer can choose a harmonizing background and have it ready for the day of your shoot.

3) Hair and Make Up

It’s important that your photo look like you, so today’s not the day to try a new hair color or make up style. You want to look like yourself on your best day! To achieve this, style yourself the way you would when going to work. If applying your make up yourself, stay clear of products with SPF and shiny, glittery, or metallic colors. The less reflective you can be the better!


Not into DIY? Then leave it to the professionals and have your hair and make up done! Many photography studios, including ours, can provide hair and make up for an additional fee. Just make sure you schedule this added service beforehand and plan an extra hour or so to have it done. Think this is just a service for ladies? Think again! Even guys can do with a little powder and an expertly quaffed do!

4) Clothing Style

Most head shots are cropped to the head and shoulders and sometimes 3/4 length. For women, you’ll want to choose a top or dress with a simple neckline, nothing too busy or frilly. If you are worried about feeling too boxy, you might forego the blazer and opt for a solid colored blouse. Stay away from busy patterns and ill fitting tops. For guys who need something more conservative, you can’t go wrong with a suit jacket that fits well or a dress shirt. For a more casual look bring light weight jackets, crew, or v-neck tshirts in solid colors. Don’t forget to bring a few options. Most importantly, choose something you feel good in!

5) Don’t Forget the Retouching

One of the things that’s said most often in the studio is, “You are going to make me look good, right?” Here’s the thing. We are going to make you look GREAT by making you look your best. Most people need a little light retouching under the eyes, fly away hairs removed, light skin smoothing, etc and that’s a service we and most quality head shot photographers will provide. Make sure you review the work of the photographer and watch out for photos which are over retouched. Do your research and check out the photographers portfolio and see if they are a good fit for you.

And now you’ve got to be ready to take the plunge and update your professional head shot! If you are in the Tallahassee area, take a peek at what we have to offer. Kira Derryberry Photography is available for corporate events, on location photo sessions, outdoor, and studio headshots. We even travel! For more information, contact us or call 850-583-1644.


Gender Reveal Photo It's a Boy!

My friend Blair is having baby #2! When she told me she wanted to do something fun to tell everyone they were having a boy, I started digging around for gender reveal photo ideas. They definitely wanted to do something different with a lot of punch, so these studio shots were born! Blair and her husband Kevin picked some great colors, brought some adorable gender reveal poppers on Etsy and we were off! Check out their announcement and collage! Congratulations to the Gregg’s!

Cute Gender Reveal Photo Ideas

If you’ve got a great idea for a studio session like this, be sure to contact us or call 850-583-1644 to set up an appointment for your photo session! Now booking for September!


Sweet 16 Photoshoot - Tallahassee Teen Commercial Photography

Probably one of the biggest compliments you can receive is when a fellow photographer hires you for their portraits. In this case, my friend and colleague, Leslie Evans of Leslie Evans Photography, asked me to photograph her beautiful daughter Kaitlin for her Sweet 16 photoshoot. When she came in with two of her friends and 3 cool, vintage inspired dresses, I had two ideas. The first, white on white in a more glamour style. The second, poppy, vintage inspired studio kitsch. Here’s a sneak peek from our awesome shoot!

Sweet 16 Photoshoot - Tallahassee Teen Commercial Photography

If you are looking for a cool way to celebrate your teenager’s sweet 16 or senior year, contact us or call 850-583-1644 to book a session!

1st Year Baby Portraits

Get ready for M’s 1st year baby portraits! That little roly poly newborn baby boy is already one!  We had him back in the studio 1 year later and he’s grown into the handsomest little man. And fast! He was always on the move! We had to be quick.

1st Year Baby Portraits1st Year Baby Portraits 1st Year Baby PortraitsP Family 3

BabyH 1

Had the pleasure of having this sweet family in the studio for their newborn photo session! Look at all the hair on this little girl! She’s such a beauty!

Tallahassee Newborn Photography Tallahassee Newborn Photography Tallahassee Newborn Photography Tallahassee Newborn Photography

Tallahassee Studio Photography

Check out the smile on this guy! So happy I got to meet him and his folks at our recent session in the studio. He’s got an adorable gallery full of pictures just as cute as these few in the preview. I’m looking forward to getting together with his mom and dad again to show off the rest!

Tallahassee Studio Photography Tallahassee Studio Photography

Tallahassee Family Photography

I’m so lucky to get to work with many of the same families year after year. The W family is one of those families that I get to see at least twice a year and it’s so nice getting to see them grow. For their springtime session, we headed to Goodwood Gardens here in Tallahassee right when things were started to get green again for the spring. Here’s their sneak peek!

Tallahassee Family Photography Tallahassee Family Photography Tallahassee Family Photography

Tornillo 1

It was easy to get carried away with a sneak peek for Natalie because I love every single photo I took of her. It took me forever to get through them all because they were just that fun to play with. The girl is so photogenic! Looking forward to showing her and her mom the sneak peek from her senior photo session in downtown Tallahassee!

Tornillo 6 Tornillo 5 Tornillo 4 Tornillo 3 Tornillo 2

Tallahassee Senior Portraits

Lauren is one of those girls who never stops smiling! Going through her photos, I couldn’t help but have the same big smile on my face. It’s infectious! Check out her sneak peek and you’ll see what I mean!

Tallahassee Senior PortraitsTallahassee Senior Portraits Tallahassee Senior Portraits Tallahassee Senior Portraits

Hartline 4

Last year I photographed her sister Meghan, and now it’s just about time for Madison to graduate! We went out to the Retreat at Bradley’s Pond for this springtime senior session. Just like her older sister, Madison is heading to the University of Alabama too! Excellent choice! I have to say I’m a little biased. That’s my alma mater! Check out her sneak peek below and RTR!

Tallahassee Senior PhotosTallahassee Senior Photos Tallahassee Senior Photos Tallahassee Senior Photos

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