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I got to hang with the beautiful and talented, Meghan, last week for her senior portraits. She’s one of those girls who I can’t imagine not smiling when I think of her. We had lots to chat about including Harry Potter and Star Trek. To top it off, she’s heading to my alma mater, The University of Alabama!  Now if I could just her into Doctor Who we’d be BFF!

Tallahassee Senior Portraits Tallahassee Senior Portraits Tallahassee Senior Portraits storyboard095 Tallahassee Senior Portraits

Tallahassee Family Photography

My first Spring time session at Maclay Gardens couldn’t have gone better. Everything was in bloom over there and the weather was great. I love shooting during this time of year! Check out a few images from my session with the B Family.

storyboard084storyboard087 storyboard086 storyboard085

Tallahassee Newborn Photography

Reece finally made his appearance! This beautiful little boy is the very first baby I have photographed in my new studio. He’s such an excellent model, just like his big brother! I’m so proud this family has chosen me as their photographer time and time again. I just love getting to watch them grow. Thanks for helping me break in my new digs, Baby Reece!

Tallahassee Newborn PhotographyTallahassee Newborn Photography Tallahassee Newborn Photography Tallahassee Newborn PhotographyTallahassee Newborn Photography

Spring Mini Sessions | Sunday May 4th at Kira Derryberry Photography

Join us at the new studio for Spring Mini Sessions on May 4th! Mini Sessions are $149, for one child. Sessions include a styling consultation at Chameleon – A Tweens Boutique in Market Street, professional hair styling and light, age appropriate make up application plus a 20 minute photo session in our Midtown studio. These sessions are perfect for fashion forward tweens!

Each session includes one 8×10” portrait, an online slideshow gallery available for one week with at least 8 great images, and a personal ordering session at the studio. All studio products are available for purchase à la carte, including prints, canvases, digital files, and more.

Because of limited availability, sessions will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

Please call the studio at 850-583-1644 or use our Contact Form to reserve your space. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Tallahassee Maternity Photography

Now that the days are longer, I’m so excited to get out there and play in the sunset back light. I took Sreyas and Anant out to the greenway about an hour before sunset for their maternity session and man, they don’t call it the magic hour for nothing! It’s not going to be too long before I meet their new little guy and based on all the love I see here, he’s in for some sweet snuggles!

Tallahassee Maternity Photography Tallahassee Maternity Photography Tallahassee Maternity PhotographyTallahassee Maternity Photography Tallahassee Maternity Photography


Calandra and Juan are the sweetest couple and it was such a pleasure getting to hang out for an hour with them on this beautiful day! Maclay was in full bloom during our session and we definitely took advantage. I can’t wait to meet their little one in May!

storyboard069 storyboard070 storyboard071 storyboard072


Here’s a big question for you. Why do you want to be photographed? Way back in September, I got together with some of my best friends in my hometown, Huntsville, AL to shoot a video to show off our glamour sessions. I had a client up there, Wendy, that I really wanted to work with again. We asked her that question and then spent the day photographing her. Here’s what she had to say.

storyboard065 storyboard066 storyboard067

Videography: J.D. Frey, Dead Workers Party, Huntsville, AL

Hair & MUA: Bobbie Leigh Payne, Bobbi Pins & Barbicyde, Huntsville AL

Shot on location at The Lowe Mill, Huntsville, AL.

Special thanks to our team J.D. Frey, Dead Workers Party, The Lowe Mill, Bobbie Leigh Payne, Wendy Graham, Jay Graham, Kevin Derryberry, Caroline Prince, and Jessica Robertson


Lucy is out for Spring Break this week and since we didn’t go anywhere, we are getting creative with our afternoons together. Today, she actually asked if I would take her picture. This kiddo never likes me to take her picture lately. Maybe she’s got a case of Photographer’s Child Syndrome. I didn’t want to make a big deal about it, so you know, I played it cool. “OK, sure,” I said, but inside I was all like “OMG YESSSSS! LET ME DROP ALL OF THIS LAUNDRY OUT OF MY ARMS AND GET MY CAMERA!” And the very best part? She wanted me to let her take my picture. She actually listened to me when I showed her how. Before, when I’ve let her try she just blindly clicked the button, holding it down while it machine gun fired at me a dozen times. Today, she looked through the viewfinder, aimed, and fired. She carefully took one shot at a time. She even got me in focus at f/2.8! Two words: child prodigy. That’s all I’m sayin’.





This move and then renovating of the new studio has me so behind these days! I’m finally getting to post the last newborn session we shot in the old studio. She was an absolute dream to photograph. If they were handing out trophies for Best Sleeper in a Newborn shoot, Baby M would take that one home! Here are just a handful from our session.

storyboard055storyboard059 storyboard056 storyboard058


This sweet little girl was one of my last sessions at the Thomasville Rd studio and what a doll! Tiny and sweet, we had fun changing out head pieces while she snoozed. Here’s a quick sneak peek for her folks until we can get together to see the full set.


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