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Tallahassee Children's Photography

It’s not even December yet and I’m wrapping up holiday shooting, if you can believe it. I’m eyes deep in editing, but I’m too into one my recent sessions not to post a few. Here’s a quick peek for the O Family of their sweet girl.

Tallahassee Children's Photography Tallahassee Children's Photography Tallahassee Children's Photography

Senior Portraits Tallahassee

Like many seniors, Elyse has a packed schedule for her last year in high school. Regular classes, varsity Volleyball, dances, and clubs keep this girl super busy. So when we had to reschedule her senior portraits due to weather, it was incredibly hard for us to get another day in where we both weren’t swamped. We finally got it though and Elyse introduced me to what might be a contender for a favorite shooting location, Miller’s Landing in Tallahassee. Shooting at new spots are always a fun challenge for me because I get to think on my toes and discover scenes all over again. And the weather was gorgeous so it was worth the wait! Here’s a quick sneak peek for Elyse, with more to come when I see her next week!

Senior Portraits Tallahassee Senior Portraits Tallahassee Senior Portraits Tallahassee Senior Portraits Tallahassee


Tallahassee Family Photography

Part of what is so great about working with younger kiddos is that they love exploring. It’s less about the posed photos for me, though we are always sure to capture those, and more about following them around and seeing what they see. I must have had 50 photo sessions at Maclay Gardens, but it’s always fun to watch them discovering it for themselves. It’s such a beautiful location for family photography sessions! This beautiful family made it even more special!

Tallahassee Family PhotographyTallahassee Family PhotographyTallahassee Family PhotographyTallahassee Family Photography

Tallahassee Family Photos

It’s always fun when a client comes in with a vision, and that’s definitely what Amanda did. She and her little girl came in dressed in black and white with little accessories and pops of color that really made their family photo session. I guess you could say that I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to family photos, so this really sings to me. It’s always that one little extra thing that makes it special.

Tallahassee Family PhotosTallahassee Family Photos Tallahassee Family Photos

I had the honor of being listed with two other local artists in a special feature called “Women in Arts and Culture” in the latest issue of Tallahassee Woman Magazine! Check out the interview below.

K's 3rd Birthday Photo Shoot

My photo shoots with K are some of my favorites. She always starts out a little shy, but before you know it she starts to show her smile. This was the first time she got to show me around her house, and, like any good host, she whipped me up something good in the kitchen. As far as 3rd birthday photo shoots go, this one takes the cake!

3rd Birthday Photo shoot3rd Birthday Photo shoot3rd Birthday Photo shoot

Headshots for actors Tallahassee FL

Sami said it’s been about 2 years since she updated her actor headshots and her agency had been prompting her to get some new ones made. Thanks to a great referral from my friend Terri Smith, she came my way! I’m so glad I had a chance to work with Sami. Shooting headshots for actors is something I really enjoy and always love it when a performer comes through the doors here at the studio!

Headshots for Actors Tallahassee

BF 1

Meet my friends Bethany, Lauren, and Rita, the ladies of Belles Femmes! They contacted me a little while ago about shooting their promotional photos for their new hair and make up collaborative project. Here’s to more clients that bring me champagne first thing in the morning for a shoot!

If you’d like to stay on top of when these ladies launch, email Bethany at

And if you’d like more info on setting up a promotional shoot like this for your business, contact us!
Hair and Make Up Artists Belles FemmesHair and Make Up Artists Belles Femmes  Hair and Make Up Artists Belles Femmes

Tallahassee Head Shots

Headshots are for Everybody!

For business, social media, acting, modeling, or just personal portraits, the need for an updated portrait is growing! Here are some tips to consider before coming in to see us at the studio for your new headshot.

1) Image is Everything

Tallahassee Headshot PhotographerIt’s so important to discuss where and how you want to use your new portrait. What’s the intention? Are you a realtor who needs something warm and friendly? Are you a lawyer who needs something confident and professional? An author with a flair for the quirky who’s photo needs to translate that? Or how about an actor looking to book more gigs? Have a phone call or in person consultation with your photographer. Tell them about who you are, what you do, and the image you want to convey. This will help the photographer make suggestions on how you should be photographed to get that message across in your headshot.

2) Color Harmony

When choosing something to wear for your headshot, pick out colors that compliment your hair and skin tone and make your eyes pop! If you’ve got blue eyes, go for cooler shades like blues or grays. Depending on your skin tone you might try pale neutrals or even a pop of pink to really set off your eyes. Brown eyes look great with jewel tones like deep greens and purples and earth tones like rich browns and reds. Bring a couple of options with you and discuss your hair and eye color beforehand so your photographer can choose a harmonizing background and have it ready for the day of your headshot session.

3) Hair and Make Up

It’s important that your photo look like you, so today’s not the day to try a new hair color or make up style. You want to look like yourself on your best day! To achieve this, style yourself the way you would when going to work. If applying your make up yourself, stay clear of products with SPF and shiny, glittery, or metallic colors. The less reflective you can be in your headshot the better!

Tallahassee Headshot Photographer

Not into DIY? Then leave it to the professionals and have your hair and make up done! Many photography studios, including ours, can provide hair and make up for an additional fee. Just make sure you schedule this added service beforehand and plan an extra hour or so to have it done. Think this is just a service for ladies? Think again! Even guys can do with a little powder and an expertly quaffed do!

4) Clothing Style

Most headshots are cropped to the head and shoulders and sometimes 3/4 length for a longer portrait. For women, you’ll want to choose a top or dress with a simple neckline, nothing too busy or frilly. If you are worried about feeling too boxy, you might forego the blazer and opt for a solid colored blouse. Stay away from busy patterns and ill fitting tops. For guys who need something more conservative, you can’t go wrong with a suit jacket that fits well or a dress shirt. For a more casual look bring light weight jackets, crew, or v-neck tshirts in solid colors. Don’t forget to bring a few options. Most importantly, choose something you feel good in!

5) Don’t Forget the Retouching

One of the things that’s said most often in the studio is, “You are going to make me look good, right?” Here’s the thing. We are going to make you look GREAT by making you look your best. Most people need a little light retouching under the eyes, fly away hairs removed, light skin smoothing, etc and that’s a service we and most quality headshot photographers will provide. Make sure you review the work of the photographer and watch out for photos which are over retouched. Do your research and check out the photographers portfolio and see if they are a good fit for you.

Tallahassee Headshot Photographer
And now you’ve got to be ready to take the plunge and update your professional headshot! If you are in the Tallahassee area, take a peek at what we have to offer. Kira Derryberry Photography is a Certified Professional Photographer and is available for corporate events, on location photo sessions, outdoor, and studio headshots. We even travel! For more information, contact us or call 850-583-1644.


Gender Reveal Photo It's a Boy!

My friend Blair is having baby #2! When she told me she wanted to do something fun to tell everyone they were having a boy, I started digging around for gender reveal photo ideas. They definitely wanted to do something different with a lot of punch, so these studio shots were born! Blair and her husband Kevin picked some great colors, brought some adorable gender reveal poppers on Etsy and we were off! Check out their announcement and collage! Congratulations to the Gregg’s!

Cute Gender Reveal Photo Ideas

If you’ve got a great idea for a studio session like this, be sure to contact us or call 850-583-1644 to set up an appointment for your photo session! Now booking for September!


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